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24 Hour Emergency Service

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Surge Protection

Surge protection is used to protect your business against electro-static damage, voltage spikes and electrical failures to equipment.

There are several contributing factors that could cause a brief spike in your business’s power system. Anything from a lightning strike miles away, to a hot summer day or even construction work taking place nearby could affect your building’s electricity. To prevent these power surges from occurring and affecting your equipment, it is important to protect your company in the event that they may happen.

There are a few ways that Denny’s Electric Service can implement surge protection:

  • Safe guard all outlets and appliances in your entire building
  • Whole-business surge protectors control surges directly where your business’s power is distributed at your breaker panel. This monitors these surges and diverts excess power into the grounding wire while allowing normal voltage levels to safely continue powering your electronics
  • Install a main service panel suppressor

Protect your business today by contacting us to safeguard against power surges that may negatively affect your company’s productivity.


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