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24 Hour Emergency Service

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Thermal Imaging Service

Thermal Imaging is typically used as a key diagnostic tool for finding problems within a company’s infrastructure and electric use. Normally these are used as a tool for industrial and commercial preventative maintenance programs.

Another term for “Thermal Imaging” is “Infrared Imaging.” This is the process of converting infrared radiation emitted from an object into a useful thermal image with the use of infrared/thermography cameras and ancillary systems. Equipment used in infrared image inspections gathers these underlying temperature signatures to present a clear picture of existing or potential problems in your equipment, systems or buildings. This can be used to quickly find hot spots, loose connections or defective equipment.

Our services include:

  • A field study and infrared testing and imaging
  • Provide a test result document with pictures and corrective actions suggested or required
  • Provide costs for corrective actions
  • Schedule the preventative maintenance work to make the improvements with the least disruption to the productivity of the facility

It is important to be proactive and take care of maintenance issues before a breakdown occurs. Thermal Imaging can assist with this. Let us help you detect any problems, contact us today.


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